Best Quality, Long Durability.

We make the best quality charcoal products and durable for you to use.


High Quality

Our Quality Control not only check on burning process but also final check and test our product to make sure we give the best for you.

Burning Time up to 2 Hours

Our Quality Control always check and timer while burn coconut shell so it will be precise composition

Many kind of Shape and Sizes

Kind of shape : Cube, Hexagonal, Pillow, Tube. Favourite cube size 2,5cm for sisha. Hexagonal 14 cm for BBQ. And custom size depends on your needs.

Our Product

We produce coconut shell charcoal briquettes in Super Premium, Premium, Economy and Wood Charcoal. The main difference between these types is in Ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and drop test.

The Best Quality Coconut Shell and Long Durability

100% Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Cube Shape for Shisa (Diamond ) Eropean Standar Quality.

  • Burning Time 2 Hours
  • Ash Content 2 – 2.5 %
  • Moisture 7 %
  • Volatile Matter 15 %
  • Fixed Carbon 84 %
  • Total Calories 7000 - 7700 Kcal
  • White Ash

Super Premium

Size : 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm

High Quality Mix Coconut Shell

Mix Coconut Charcoal 95 % & 5 % Wood Cube Shape for Shisa ( Gold ) & SILINDER Shape.

  • Burning Time 2 Hours
  • Ash Content 2 – 3 %
  • Moisture 7 – 10 %
  • Volatile Matter 16 %
  • Fixed Carbon 84 – 85 %
  • Total Calories 6800 – 7000 Kcal
  • White Ash


Long Durability, Coconut Charcoal in many Shape.

Mix Coconut Charcoal & Sawdust Briquettes Pillow Shape for Barberque & Hexagonal Shape.

  • Burning Time 2 Hours
  • Ash Content 4 – 10 %
  • Moisture 10 %
  • Volatile Matter 18 %
  • Fixed Carbon 85 %
  • Total Calories 6000 – 6500 Kcal
  • White Cream Ash

Regular Charcoal Coconut .

Coconut charcoal which is used everyday to fulfill your needs.

  • Burning Time 2 Hours
  • Ash Content 3 %
  • Moisture 10 %
  • Fixed Carbon 85 %
  • Total Calories 6500 – 7000 Kcal
  • White Cream Ash

Best Wood Charcoal.

Wood charcoal which is used everyday to fulfill your needs.

  • Thamarind wood
  • Rubber wood
  • Acasia wood
  • Cafe wood
  • Fruit wood
  • Sengon
  • Jati Wood
  • Mahoni Wood
  • Halaban Wood
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Frequently asked questions about our charcoal products.

Yes, for sure our customer can costumize the product. You can customize briquette charcoal for shape, packaging, and other thing based on your needs.

Customer can make payment with bank transfer to our company bank account or Letter of Credit.

Customer can choose Cost and Payment Terms, FOB, CNF, or CIF

FOB means better control and work efficiently.
You have better control of your cargo and your budget. The cost is always important and you will have a better chance of gaining a more competitive freight rate.
Using your own forwarding agent will help you obtain more accurate information in a timely manner. They can assist you better once a problem arises. The logistic partner you choose always works together with you for YOUR best interest.

Yes, I can. We need your confirmation before to make it clear for availablity goods or production time.

The price can be negotiable depends how much tonnage you need. Terms and conditions will adjust.

1. Coconut Shell Charcoal
Derived from coconut shell. Thin shape like a slab. This type of coconut shell charcoal is the easiest to find on the market, at an affordable price.

Pros: The resulting ash and flames last a little longer. There's not much smoke either. Most importantly, shell charcoal is not easy to burn or burn food.

2. Wood Charcoal
Derived from wood that looks like a boulder. Nowadays, wood charcoal is a bit difficult to find and there are fewer sellers.

Pros: relatively more easily ignited and the price is very affordable, cheaper than charcoal.

Cons: there is a lot of ash, so if you keep fanning it, the ashes can fly and contaminate the baked goods. In addition, the flame also faster extinguished and the smoke a lot.

3. Coal Charcoal (Briquettes) for Shisha or Hookah.

Derived from coal. The shape is quite diverse, depending on the mold used. Coal charcoal is easy to find in urban areas because it is a modern type of charcoal.

Pros: Not smoky, hotter, and more durable heat. The appearance is even more clean, there will be no crumbs / ash dirt that will pollute the burning area.

Cons: It's just quite expensive on the market.

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