Best Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal  Manufacturer and Supplier

We are a wholesale supplier of coconut shell and wood charcoal. We sales coconut shell and wood charcoal with high quality. Made by local hand from Indonesia. We can supply overseas.

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Why us

We made coconut shell and wood charcoal with the best raw materials, processing with accurate composes. We also use machine to help our workers so we can produce much as much possible.
Best Quality and Lower Price
We have a professional team to send the best quality coconut charcoal to you and we provide affordable prices.
We support 24 hours
We are ready to serve you twenty four hours a day. We will answer any questions you have about our charcoal.
Long Burning Time
Our coconut charcoal can last for about two hours, because we always produce excellent quality and durability.
Eco Friendly
The materials we use to produce goods do not damage nature bacause we take care waste and management production.

Lab-tested Quality. Professional Factory. 100% Coconut.

We always take care of each product before sending the product to you.

2 Hours Burning Time

Best Quality

100% Organic

Many Product Variants


We produce coconut shell and wood charcoal briquettes in Super Premium,
Premium,  Economy and Regular types

Wood Charcoal

Thamarind wood, Rubber wood, Acasia wood, Cafe wood, Fruit wood , Sengon, Jati Wood,Mahoni Wood and Halaban Wood

Cube Gdacharcoal

Super Premium

100% Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes For Shisha or Hookah


Mix of Coconut Shell & Sawdust For Barberque in two shapes Pillow and Hexagonal Shape


Mix of 95% Coconut Shell & 5% Wood


Original Coconut Shell For anykind activity

Our Factory

We have several coconut charcoal and wood charcoal factories. Not big factories but we can produces as much as your needs. We partnership with those small factories called UMKM (Usaha mikro kecil menengah)
to create jobs and make them to be more productive.

Our Records

We have served hundreds of customers from all over the world,
you send the best charcoal from Indonesia.
Our employees are ready to serve you professionally
Our support experts are ready to assist anytime
Companies that place orders for our coconut charcoal products

Client Testimonial

Several customers have reviewed our performance.
It has been 3 years for my company to use mace of charcoal as a supplier, so far I have never had a problem, the products are getting better every year.
Dong Ming
The service of gdacharcoal is very good, the products offered are also durable and many of our customers buy these charcoal products.
Harvey Derwent
United States America
So far, the results are satisfactory and reliable, proven the quality of the charcoal produced by gdacharcoal. Thanks gdacharcoal for his services over the years.
Zacharie Bourque
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